Anthem of my dying day.

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Hey. Um, sorry for you guys who knew Scarlet, she died a few months ago. It was some kind of¬† infection. So, there’s not going to be any more posts. Bye. David.

And thus, in 6 hours I may be dead.

But it will be okay.

Because it is an end to my suffering.

I love each and every one of you.

Bye, Codien. And Juyo. Cosky. Molly. KP. Krazi. FS. Motion. Joshie. GA. Everyone from the PHC. I love you and I will never forget you.

Please don’t be sad. I’ll finally be at rest.

Guess what I got for my 17th birthday? It’s so sad considering I’m going to be gone soon.

I got my prosthetic legs. So I was able to walk one time before I died. It was indescribable.

Oh gosh I’m crying a waterfall now.

Remember me.

But not as Scarlet Moon.

My name is Scarlet Dawn.

I love you.


for the last time.


I am OFFICIALLY the busiest person in the world.

Thanks a million for the lovely comments! You guys are so sweet!

NO, Hiede, I am not going to take it down. It’s a monument now. So there.

Anyway, I’m back in VA with my wonderful family.

Yes, I am transferring to George Mason.

Um…. no more updates, I guess.

Good luck with him, Hiede.



To David and Hiede

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You guys are so cute. ūüėÄ

Hiede and David in chibi!

Happy Birthday Hiede!

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Happy Birthday Hiede! Here’s a shoutout just for you on your special day! ūüėÄ

David- Happy Bertday to my love, my sexybirdie, special-ness! LOL Love yew lots

Errol- Happy 14th babe hope you enjoy it you deserve it


Kendra- I miss you! Happy 14th!

Happy Birthday sweetie! We love you!

Scene Kids out!

Happy Haunting

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Greetings from New York

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Hi guys. I flew in 4 days ago, and now I’m in my dorm at Cornell! ūüėģ It’s cool cuz I got a handicap room, so no roomates. Classes are next week, I’m taking quantam¬†mecchanics and physics, and computer graphics.

I miss my family like CRAZY, especially my brother. I also miss my friends. At least I still have my online friends.

Aaaaannd I really have nothing more to say. =)

Awkward Moments

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As most of you know, I faked my death. And, although I feel like crap for doing it, everyone told me that it’s ok. Maybe we can all have a good larf over it later.¬†¬†

Anyway, awkward moments. Are. Not. Fun.  

Like when someone took a picture of my brother and me sleeping on the floor then posted it on a site and they called us a couple! WEIRD!!!!!!  

The awkward photo in question...

Ok, this one isn’t awkwardness. Once, someone replaced my M&Ms with Skittles. EW! ¬†¬†

Oh and my friend got pantsed in public by some random guy and we like stood there for 20 minutes frozen. THAT was awkward.  

And this one time we went to a wedding reception in a fancy hotel, and my wheelchair got stuck in the doors! That one is going to haunt me foreva.  

Ah, well. I’m out of things to say.¬†¬†


That's My brother David in the denim Jacket, and my BFF Erick (the guy who Stalks) at the park. Aren't they precious? Awwww...