Posted: March 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi guys! this is,like, my first official post ever, so on this, you can comment about whatevr you want.

Some things about me:

I like mismatched socks

I’ve graduated high school already

I like going to the local graveyard with my friends and telling ghost stories

Im punk-goth-sk8ter ( I love skateboarding)

I like death metal and alternative rock

I go by other names, such as Moonlight91, Death_Awaits,Silver_Tears, and, of course, Scarlet

And I LOVE the website poptropica! if you dont know it, check it out!

love Scarlet!!!

  1. I’m fond of mismatched socks too, but somehow my mother thinks it’s a waste of washing powder. :S No idea why.
    I’m still in high school, unfortunately, but I’ve already started writing a YA novel. In my classmates opinion it’s pretty good, but I don’t really want the opinion of people who know me.
    I don’t have a local graveyard, but I guess it would be cool if we did. I live in Dubai (UAE, heard?) and the place is stuffed to choking with malls, skyscrapers and multistory apartment blocks. No space for graveyards. The closest one is somewhere near the factory areas. Even if I had the transport there I wouldn’t go, mainly because it’s all desert there (sand, sun and more sand) and the factories stink to high heaven. And the heat. The heat! It goes up to 45 degrees Celsius in April/May, and as much as 36 in February (NOT bluffing! 😀 ). It also, incidentally, spirals to 55 in July/August, probably more this year, what with the freak weather.
    I like Poptropica too! My and my nutzoid older sister play it everyday we can. It’s fun, and even after we have finished all the islands it’s still fun.
    Go to Poptropica Avatar studio (www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio) and type theworldissilenthere into the Username box to see my Poptropican. It used to be different, but I change it very often. Currently I’m in Astroknights. Can you imagine my poptropican riding a unicorn and battling metal phoenixes?

    Sorry about the extremely long comment, but I like typing! 😀

  2. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog from the PHB. 🙂

    Weird thing is, I’m a goth/punk-ish style too, along with the fact that I love alternative rock. 😀

    Nice blog!


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