Victor’s Piano Solo

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi everyone! I recently watched Corpse Bride (making that a million times :P) , and I heard the most beautiful piano song. It’s called, as you might have guessed, Victor’s Piano Solo, and if you haven’t heard it you should before I force you to. It’s by Danny Elfman, one of my favourite composers.

Another AMAZING song by Danny Elfman is the Edward Scissorhands Theme. Edward Scissorhands is one of my fave movies, along with pretty much every other Tim Burton movie ever made.

  1. Heard Marilyn Manson’s This Is Halloween? Also directed by Danny Elfman, but if you like piano solos then it’s best to stay away from it (Shock Rock, lots of screaming and weird noises 😀 ).
    And if you like Tim Burton you ought to see Alice in Wonderland. It is great. I watched it recently, and it gets a pretty good rating: 3.5 out of 5 on my Extremely Choosy Movie Scale. 🙂

    • xXmoonyXx says:

      Yeah, I was gonna see it, but for some reason I didn’t. My short-term must be acting up again.

      Also, I really don’t understand what you said in the first part, but it’s my fault, not yours. I do know that Danny Elfman was in a band before, so maybe that’s what ur talking about? Maybe not then.

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