Awkward Moments

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

As most of you know, I faked my death. And, although I feel like crap for doing it, everyone told me that it’s ok. Maybe we can all have a good larf over it later.  

Anyway, awkward moments. Are. Not. Fun.  

Like when someone took a picture of my brother and me sleeping on the floor then posted it on a site and they called us a couple! WEIRD!!!!!!  

The awkward photo in question...

Ok, this one isn’t awkwardness. Once, someone replaced my M&Ms with Skittles. EW!   

Oh and my friend got pantsed in public by some random guy and we like stood there for 20 minutes frozen. THAT was awkward.  

And this one time we went to a wedding reception in a fancy hotel, and my wheelchair got stuck in the doors! That one is going to haunt me foreva.  

Ah, well. I’m out of things to say.  


That's My brother David in the denim Jacket, and my BFF Erick (the guy who Stalks) at the park. Aren't they precious? Awwww...


  1. The_Nerd aka Hiede says:

    Aw! Dav looks so cute! LOL big sticks

    • xXhiedeXxXhaterXx says:

      These are old pictures, though… I know because I have them,too.

      I just remembered! I need to send you some photos!

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