Greetings from New York

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hi guys. I flew in 4 days ago, and now I’m in my dorm at Cornell! 😮 It’s cool cuz I got a handicap room, so no roomates. Classes are next week, I’m taking quantam mecchanics and physics, and computer graphics.

I miss my family like CRAZY, especially my brother. I also miss my friends. At least I still have my online friends.

Aaaaannd I really have nothing more to say. =)

  1. Hiede says:

    Is David still in love with me?

    I still love him.

    :0 You do? Omgawsh thats so sweet! D’ya want me to tell him? Oh, and YES HE STILL LOVES YOU TOO!!! Thats why he graduated early! Didn’t he tell you?

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