About Scarlet Moon

Who is Scarlet Moon?

Scarlet- a bright red color inclining towards orange.

Moon- a celestial body

A name feared by those weak at heart. She is the bringer of the end.

Scarlet Moon is not to be messed with. Or else…

Run away, foolish children. The end is near.

Meep. So,anyway, welcome to my blog.

My hobbies are reading, music, art, technology, and Poptropica.

I play 6 instruments; the guitar, piano, harp, cello, violin, and viola.

I’m not the BEST artist in the world, but I like watercolors.ALOT.

I spend countless hours reading every day. Love to read, dude.

I’ve been handling computers since I was little. I can take them apart, and put it back together (it won’t work  anymore, though). I am a Photoshop wiz. I edit pictures.

I write music sometimes, and I like rock and metal. Don’t you love Screamo?

More to come…


  1. You and me have a lot in common. ^-^ I’m a big loner, while most people call me the “emo freak”. “Hey look, it’s that emo freak” “Er– I’m not emo!”

    I hate that Twilight stuff too. There’s a picture of Taylor Lautner/Jacob in my middle school library, with him reading Eclipse and the words shining in trashy gold, “READ” And I mean, I guess it’s for the girls. Ew.

    I’m so sorry about your friend. A similar experience happened with me, only it was of leukemia.

    I think you have a neat blog. And I love your nmame! “Scarlet Moon.” It’s so unique. ^-^

  2. Codien says:

    Haha i can tell you and me would get along. Would your star-sign be a Virgo by any chance?

  3. The_nerd says:


  4. Hey awsome blog Moony, and congrats on the contest you 2nd won!!!

    I hate twighlight and ( umbelievebly ) i dyed my hair metallic blue and im a fan of the scene type of hair.


  5. Hiede_R says:

    WTF?!?!? Why do you have a picture of MY GUY?!?!?
    Jk. I know why it’s there. Thank you, lovely!
    See you soon!

  6. M.R~ says:

    Hey, Scarlet! Just wanted to tell you, like all the other people, haha, that we would get along. You seem like you’re not afraid to be different, and seem very capable of overcoming obstacles. You are one of my inspirations! 🙂

    Aw thanks!!! ❤

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