How well do you know Scarlet? Answer these and questions then scroll down to see your results!

1) What is Scarlet’s favourite color?

a. Black              b. Red              c. Pink

2) What is Scarlet’s favourite food?

a. M&Ms            b. French Fries        c. Potatoes

3) Who is Scarlet’s best friend NOT online?

a. Erick               b. Ronnie               c. Hiede

4) What is Scarlet’s favourite song?

a. Crush Crush Crush         b. Face Down        c. Animal I Have Become

5) What is Scarlet’s middle name?

a. Alasteire              b. Grace           c. Italia

6) What is Scarlet’s IQ?

a. 175          b. 155              c. 125

7) What university is Scarlet going to?

a. Cornell          b. Brown         c. NYU

8 ) Out of these, what does Scarlet prefer to be called?

a. Goth        b. Emo         c. Scene

9) What is Scarlet’s favourite make-up item?

a. Fake Eyelashes          b. Eyeshadow           c. Lip Gloss

10) Which family member does Scarlet refer to the most?

a. David-Brother         b. Isabel- Sister            c. Christine- Mother



Aaaaaaaand the results!

If you answered mostly As, then you know Scarlet pretty darn well. (In fact, ALL of the correct answers were A!)

If you answered mostly Bs and Cs… er, that’s ok.

Hope you had fun!

  1. xXSuicidalXxXIceCreamManXx aka Hiede says:

    Don’t be a poser. JK. =P
    Love ya

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